With its 128 Km² area, Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval Inc. is ranked ninth among the 23 outfitters sharing exclusive rights in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean area. A single specie of fish is present: the brook trout (speckled trout).
The main lake, Poulin de Courval, covers an area of roughly 28 Km² and is surrounded by about 50 additional lakes. Indigenous speckled trout is the only fish specie present in all lakes. None of the lakes have been subjected to fish stocking.

Historical Background

Poulin de Courval dates back about fifty years. It draws its name from a surveyor by the name of Louis Poulin de Courval born in Trois-Rivières in 1854 and put to rest in 1940 in Victoriaville. In 1892, Louis Poulin de Courval did some surveying work in the township of Tremblay in the Saguenay area.
The main lake bears testimony to the surveyor’s name. The surrounding area has always been exclusive to this top notch quality fishing and hunting resort. Generations of satisfied clients have enjoyed our hospitality throughout the years and the trend persists.


Part of a 120 km massif with a maximum altitude of 980 meters, Poulin de Courval sits at 600 meters above sea level and covers an exclusive pristine area of 128 Km².
Due 60 km. northeast of Chicoutimi the Poulin de Courval Lake covers an area of 28 Km². Its northern outlet gives birth to the 5 km. Poulin River which in turn empties into the Sables River to finally end its course in the Pipmuacan reservoir.
The Poulin de Courval Lake is unique in the province of Quebec and has the distinction of being the world’s largest lake with a population of indigenous, allopatric (free of any another competitive species) speckled trout.
The outfitting territory is also home to one of Quebec’s most important heron colony. The flight of these tall birds is nothing short of impressive. A caribou population roams free in a forest made up mostly of black spruce and white birch. The area is also home to some rabbits, partridges, foxes, moose and bears.

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